1. Bull riders:

Chance to master finance and trading skills. Experiment,
implement and enhance your knowledge about stocks, financial
concepts and fundamentals, via virtual trading.
No. of rounds: 3
Team: 2 members

2. Sync:

In assiciation with 

The ones with marketing aptitude and a never ceasing
willingness to beg, borrow and steal get prepared to face the
challenging task and activities to prove themselves.
No. of rounds: 2
Team: 3 members

3. Capture (photography):

Looking world from your creative vision,
this event calls for all the photographer to compete with your
technical skills and fanciful imagination.

4. Roadiezz:

A series of fun outdoor games for those with a heart of
lion and strength of iron. Win it to get the bragging rights.
No of rounds: 3
Team: 5 members

5. Mini Militia:

It is a mobile based LAN gaming, where participants
will combat virtually with each other. This competition gives you
chance to showcase your gaming skills.
Solo & Group (4 members)

6. Create it:

With handful things you got in hand, what best can you
create from it. You will be going to create new things with provided resources.
Team: 4 members

7. Crackerjack (Human Resource):

An HR management oriented
event which gives you platform to showcase your analytic skills and
personality, understanding of the human behaviour and giving you
stimulated organisational experience
Participation: Individual
No. of rounds : 4

8. Foosball:

Joyous outdoor gaming experience. It is a human foosball
like a classic table-top foosball, it is played with real people, a
soccer ball and in a large and enclosed area.
Team: 5 members

9. Strokes (sketching):

People having an artistic bend, showcase your
talent with designing, creating and crafting your ideas on the paper.
Note: You have to bring all sketching material along with you, whatever
you required. We will provide a drawing sheet.
Participation: Individual

10. Being Sherlock:

Get ready you are about to go through a journey full of mysteries.
Participants must solve a series of clues at each level to reach the final
No. of rounds: 3
Team: up to 5 members (minimum 2)