Other Instructions

  • Props (if any) will have to be arranged by the participants themselves.
  • Any kind of hazardous/inflammable objects shall not be allowed to be used during
    performance. If used, the team will be disqualified at that very instance.
  •  Reporting time is 5:00 pm on Feb 23, 2018.
  •  Any late arrival will lead to immediate disqualification.
  • Sound file for the sequence of the final performance must be submitted on February 21,
  •  You can mail your file at renaissance18@bkschool.org.in
  • Only 2 minutes of preparation or setup time will be allotted for each event and the
    performance time limit for each event is as follows:
    1. 5 minutes for Solo Dancing
    2. 5 minutes for Duet Dancing
    3. 8 minutes for Group Dancing
    4. 5 minutes for Singing
    5. 20 minutes for Fashion Show
  •  Sequence number for the event should be collected from the respective coordinators
    one hour before the beginning of the performance.